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Getting CCOMFE in Times of Crisis – Post-Presentation

I’m so grateful to my friends and colleagues, Dr. Sarah Vincent and Dr. Marcela Herdova, for participating in this roundtable. And I want to thank DIRECTO for all the work that they put into this fantastic event. As I posted previously, the presentation was based on research from Oregon State University, which found that both…

Getting CCOMFE in Times of Crisis

On Thursday, September 17th, I will be leading a roundtable discussion for the annual fall symposium on Diversity and Inclusion in Research and Teaching (DIRECTO) at Florida State University. Joining me for the discussion will be my friends and colleagues Marcela Herdova (Assistant Professor, Florida State University) and Sarah Vincent (Assistant Teaching Faculty, Florida State…

Revisiting My Teaching Philosophy Statement – Part 3

In this post I present the last part of my teaching philosophy statement. As I go back through and read this, I can see that things have already started to change. In a post-COVID world, I am thinking more and more about what kind of instructor I want to be and how to reach my…

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